How Keyword Tracker helped in discovering Welspun Enterprises

Posted on March 2, 2018

Welspun Enterprises – A find by Keyword Tracker.

As you all know “Keyword Tracker” is one of the innovative features which lets us generate new stock ideas. Theoretically, keyword tracker feature helps us keep a 360-degree watch on the stock market. Let’s see how it helped me find one of my next investment idea – Welspun Enterprises.

It was 4th February 2018, when I received an email for a keyword. The snapshot of the email can be seen below.

Welspun Enterprises

Upon reading the BSE update, I found that the company was awarded an order worth Rs.1,126 Crores. Check the update here (BSE link).

After receiving this alert on Welspun Enterprises, I added this stock in BSE Corporate Announcement Tracker and started my research.

After that, there were few more significant updates on the company (Welspun Enterprises) which increased my conviction.

Welspun Enterprises

Coincidentally, two days back I again received an alert from a different keyword and the stock was Welspun Enterprises!

ViewStocks Keyword tracker

So, I further did a research on Welspun Enterprises.

Following are few positive points regarding the company (please don’t take it as a recommendation).

  • Welspun Enterprises is a┬áHybrid Annuity Mode (HAM) infrastructure player and has some investment in oil and gas exploration business.
  • Has a strong balance sheet which would help it bid aggressively for new projects.
  • Sectoral tailwinds are present. If the company manages in taking a pie of the available opportunity, then it can easily grow at a CAGR of 25%+ for the next 2-3 years.
  • Has a healthy order book of over Rs.4000 Crores and the company is looking to double it.
  • Welspun Enterprises has an asset-light business model and has a superb execution track record. They completed the Delhi-Meerut Expressway project nearly 13 months ahead of time and thus got close to Rs. 50-55 crore of premium from NHAI for completing this project well ahead of time!

Conclusion –

Well, see, keyword tracker does not require knowledge of rocket science. All it requires is a basic understanding of stock market and terms which you think are important enough. For example – Order is one such keyword by which you could get notified whenever any BSE announcement consists the word “order”. Similarly, for investors who want to keep a watch on corporate actions like demerger, bonus can add these words in their keyword tracker. Simple isn’t it.

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