BSE Alerts

Successful investing spans from buying quality stocks at a reasonable price, holding it and then selling it when valuation becomes high or investment rationale remain no more valid. But among all this, keeping a track of your investment remains a key thing. Investors need to keep a tab on the quarterly numbers and several other developments. So keeping a track on the stocks remains a tedious thing.

So, to tackle this issue, we created a system which would keep a tab on the BSE corporate announcement and send you an alert whenever the company in your list makes any announcement.

So, now you would get BSE Alerts in realtime on your email id whenever your added stocks in watchlist - would give update to BSE.

Steps to create BSE Alerts -

  1. Register at our website - from the top-right corner.
  2. Then go to the "Stock Announcement" section in the Dashboard.

    Get BSE Alerts
  3. Now, add the stock in the "Search" bar.

    BSE Alerts
  4. Click on the correct search result to add the stock in your watch list. After addition, you would receive a confirmation message ( as seen in following image).

    BSE Corporate Announcement
  5. That's it. Now whenever there would be any announcement, you would receive the BSE alerts on your registered email id.
  6. If you want to remove any stock from the watchlist, then simply click on the red-coloured cross button and agree to the confirmation pop-up.

Click here to create BSE Alert now

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We have plans to launch many exciting features which would simplify the investment journey. Register to stay tuned.

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