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We have come up with a new innovative feature - Keyword Tracker which would help you in keeping a 360-Degree watch on the Stock Market. Let's see how.

What does Keyword Tracker do -

Suppose you want to get notified whenever any company receives an order. So, add a keyword "order" in your tracking list - so that whenever any disclosure in made on BSE which has your keyword "order", you get notified, instantly.

Example - I added this keyword - "order" in my keyword tracker. Yesterday, I received the following email -

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The announcement says that the company GE Power India received an order worth Rs.8183 million (i.e. 818 Crores). BSE Announcement link here. This order inflow means good because the sales in FY17 was around 1900 Crores and this order is nearly 50% of the last year's sales. Now, one should not invest solely based on this factor but should take it as one of the rationales.

The stock price reacted positively to this announcement and while writing this, the stock is up by 6% now.

You can be creative and think of many keywords which could be price sensitive and offer you an advantage over other players. An important point here to note is that not all announcements would be investment worthy, some would be generic, some would be of low sensitive etc - so you would have to filter out those with manual intervention.

Cons of creating Keyword Tracker -

The only not so bright side of creating keyword tracker is that the volume of emails would be very high because whenever that keyword would appear in any announcement, you would receive an email. Depending on the keyword, you may even receive 8-10 emails in one day. Not all emails would be useful because few of them would be totally unrelated; so you would have to bear with it.

How Keyword Tracker is different from BSE Corporate Announcement?

Under the BSE Corporate Announcement feature, you would receive all the announcement of that company only while in the Keyword Tracker, you would receive updates from all the companies if that keyword appears in that (even if that company is not in your BSE Corporate Announcement tracking list).

So, why wait, login now and create alerts in the dashboard.

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