It's a known obvious - stock price is an important factor in the stock market. Many at times retail investors can't take advantage of many swings in the market and miss the opportunity to invest at lower level and sell at higher level.

But with this feature of Stock Price Alert, you can create multiple price alerts for many stocks and get notified whenever those stocks would hit your set price.

Notification for Stock Price Alert would be sent on your registered email and mobile number (SMS). A sample price alert would like as shown below -

best stock price alert

Get Stock Price Alert

How to Create Stock Price Alert? -

  1. First step is to Register at our website from the top-right corner of our website. If you have already registered, then login and go to the "Dashboard".
  2. In the Dashboard, go to the "Stock Price Alert" segment.
  3. Now, in this section, you would find a search bar where you need to enter the stock name (as shown in the following image). Click on the desired search result.

    Stock Price Alert
  4. Now you have two options - Above or Below. Understand this with simple example.

    If you want to get notified when the price goes above your target price, then choose "Above". Example - If the current price of any stock is Rs.100 and you want to get notified when the price touches Rs.120, then select "Above". Which means, if your target price is above the current rate, then you need to select "Above" option. Similarly, If your target price is below the current market price, then select "Below".

    In my case, I chose "Above" option and set my target price as Rs.4000 and clicked on Submit.

    stock price alert sms free stock price alert
  5. After clicking on Submit, you would get a confirmation message. If any mistake is there in price alert, then an error message would be displayed and accordingly you need to modify that.
  6. That's it. Now, whenever the stock would hit your set price, you would receive an email and SMS price alert.

Click here to create Stock Price Alert now

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We have plans to launch many exciting features which would simplify the investment journey. Subscribe to stay tuned.

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